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Who are we?

CASA SMART is an electrical installation company located in Malaga, dedicated especially to the automation of intelligent homes using technology Zigbee The new low power consumption, the latest in the market that allows the user to know the status of the home receivers and install home automation devices wirelessly, thus considerably reducing the costs of a home automation installation.

This service goes a step beyond home automation and revolutionizes the traditional electrical system of buildings where through an app, the user can connect, disconnect and program any electrical appliance easily and remotely from anywhere in the world with their cell phone. Apart from this it allows you conventional manual and voice control via Google Home or Alexa.

Casa Smart has the support and experience of several suppliers that through many years of research and experience have become one of the most important manufacturers in the smart home sector, providing a wide range of high quality products, design and stability.

Below are the services to be provided, most of them controllable manually, via cell phone or voice via Google home or Alexa:

  • Electrical installations in general.
  • Lighting control.
  • Motorization and automatic control of shutters, blinds, garage doors…
  • Intelligent alarm system.
  • Intelligent surveillance cameras.
  • Water, smoke and gas leak detection systems.
  • Control of irrigation systems.
  • Air conditioning control.
  • Control of music equipment.
  • TV control.
  • Intelligent control of all types of motors in general.
  • Smart locks activated by fingerprint or password.
  • Installation of video / image ringers.